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January 2014


First week of school after 10+ year hiatus... What I've discovered, learned, and realized, so far:

  • I value/appreciate learning much more than before.
  • Skinny jeans IN Bootcut jeans OUT! Seriously, no one wears Bootcut jeans anymore. I have recycled my Skinny Jeans all week long. Unless I want to reveal my true identity, I will keep those Bootcuts at home and get an assortment of colored Skinny Jeans.
  • Computerized. EVERYTHING IS COMPUTERIZED! Seriously, if you don't own or have access to a computer, you're pretty much screwed over. Your assignments are online. Your grades are posted. You can message your teacher online. In fact you can even "tweet" your teacher, apparently.
  • Sitting with someone during lunch is overrated. No one is looking to sit with you or make new friends anymore. As long as you have your phone, Instagram, or Facebook. You just grab your lunch and become anti-social and chit chat on your messenger instead.
  • E-Book, get it. I wish I knew this before I tore open my books. Who knew all you need is the E-Book and the access codes to do your homework online?
  • No more smiley faces or "Good Job" notes on your math homework. I was looking forward to turning in 5 sheets of folder papers stapled together to show my step by step mathematical equation. NOPE! No need to turn in work to your teacher, no "Smiley Faces" or "Great Job" written in red with those scented pens.. (I guess that was the 80's or 90's era). Your work is defined by the calculations on a computer.
  • Your on your own. I know this about "college life" but its a shocking reminder that you have to be able to "push" yourself and manage your time wisely.
  • I'm old. Yes, although I have people doing somersaults when I tell them my real age and the fact that I attend college with my son, the fact remains, I feel "old" in my Communication Arts Program. It's the same group of people that I romp around with and they are clearly younger than me. But I can honestly say, my passion for learning surpasses most of them. And although I know we will go far in this journey, I can safely assume, that my age makes me wiser and my eyes are more open to this great big world that I have a head start in.
  • Again, who needs #2 pencils, planners, textbooks or even teachers? I'm still dumbfounded at how much technology has taken over.

Well there we go, some simple observations of this transcending mother of three who is taking a slightly different path and instead of learning how to bake gluten free muffins from scratch and crocheting, has decided to give school another shot for the sake of learning more about the Graphic Design and Marketing and Advertising.

My first week of going back to school full time has been an eye opener of the phrase "I don't have enough time.." I've coined that phrase a few times in that one week alone. But I've learned to rephrase that simple line of "I Don't Have Time" to "It's Not A Priority.."

Just a simple switch of words, and that phrase brings a whole new meaning and makes you open your eyes to realize what's truly important in your life.

"I can't workout because my health Is Not A Priority."
"I don't go to the doctor because It's Not A Priority."
"I can't help my kids with their homework because my children are Not My Priority"
"We can't go on a date because our relationship is Not A Priority."

Changing our language reminds us that time is simply a CHOICE.

On The Go.


I blogged this quote before when I was in a writing rut, which by the looks of my abandoned blog, has been quite a few times. But when my teacher wrote this on the board on my first day of English class, I knew, I would liker her... a lot! Out of all the classes I'm taking, I was most hesitant about this one. The idea of a "Writing" class scares the bee-jezus out of me (says the person who has had this blog over 8 years). Mainly because all I've ever known is to "write" for myself, to express myself for the sake of listening to myself, not to be nitpicked over all my grammatical errors. I mean I do run self check, but let's face it, if an English teacher were to skim through some of these passages, I'd have red marks all over the place. But after meeting my English teacher today, I know she will only help me grow as a writer. I'm so INSPIRED right now (yes all caps, my typography class would say "Keep Calm and use the CAPS lock") Another class I'm in love with, by the way.

So as we examined what this quote meant to us, I realized why I have always loved to write, hence me being up a little later than usual, expressing my excitement for this new chapter in my life. I can literally feel myself moving forward. And you know what, it feels good. The past few years, although good to me, I spent a lot of time in a safety net where I knew what to expect day in and day out. There's nothing wrong with that, but this soul of mine was always meant to "fly" and soar to greater heights. I feel like I've spent a good portion of my life invested in my family and my children, and I wouldn't have it any other way. But I rarely did anything for "myself", most mothers don't. This is where I feel fortunate to have had them at such an early stage in my life, albeit, it was a challenge to do things that way. But I can now shift that focus onto me, at this somewhat "youthful" age.

Going back to school as a full time student was a tough decision to make because I'm naturally selfless and the idea of devoting so much of my time to other things rather than my family almost seemed "selfish". But with only a few days in, I could not be happier. It's almost like my mind is "thanking" me everyday for feeding it new information and allowing myself to grow in that area. I have a new found "love" for learning. If I was sitting in this English class 20+ years ago, I would act the same way some of the kids act, sitting on the desk scrolling through their cell phones and not taking any of this information in because they are too "busy" with discovering life as a 20 year old. While I on the other hand, know that if I am gonna invest my time and money, I'm going to give it my all. And the passion for this is so much greater, my appreciation level is deeper. I want to learn and I want to be better. And NO, I don't want to spend this time on my iPhone.

There are so many thoughts that cross my mind throughout the day, I keep a journal of notes throughout the day. This weekend I will sit down and share them with you as it amuses me, and it may entertain you as well.

For now, my alarm is set for 5:30 am. and this mom of 3 along with my 2 beautiful fur-babies needs a fully rested mom to funciton tomorrow.