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February 2014

Essay Excitment.


It's 1:06 am and I'm finalizing my 1st draft of our second essay, and as much as I dread writing, no scratch that, I dread my English teacher reading my essay and correcting my grammar. I actually love writing, hence this blog for the past 8 years or so. But writing on my blog is different than an English proffesor grading your thoughts. (She would knock out points for starting the sentence with a "But")

This essay was an Example Essay. I have to say, I was all over the place with this one, I kind of still am, but I picked a topic that I could relate to and had a strong opinion about. That topic was Social Media, yes the very thing I am on right now with, and something that I can't seem to live without. Although, through the years, I have seen a decline in how I spend my time and what I share, yet, it's still a big part of my everyday life.

So the topic was very vague, Social Media. There is so much to be said about it, so how do I pin point what to write about. Well I went with this thesis: Social Media has confined human interaction into a virutal world.

I wanted to exxagerate on how the methods in which social media is easily accessed affects the way we interact as humans. I mean, let's face it, who uses their smart phone to actually make a phone call any more? I am guilty of sending a text to my love ones saying "Thank You" for a great night or a wonderful dinner. Or how about a group text to invite your friends to the movies? Think about it, with all the ways we can stay connected, we have become less connected.

I am feeling really good about my rough draft and would love to share the final draft with you guys as well. I've re-titled it so many times, that I'm sticking with "Becoming Less Social With Social Media".

You must click over to my IG and watch a video my daughter took of me "trying" to write my essay. I had no idea she was video taping and you can sense by the tone in my voice, that I just "had" to post a photo of me working on my essay on IG. Oh, the irony.


On a brief note, I mentioned in yesterday's post, "When it rain, it pours.." Well, the day after my son's car accident that left his car totaled, by the way (still praising the good Lord that he and Janiene are fine...) Our truck died on us and is currently being serviced. So we are functioning without any vehicles! But the optimistic side of me, always sees the good in everything. We are fortunate enough to have my in laws lend their car and a friend of my husbands has left his car with us as well. So despite a few minor bumps in the week, I look forward to a new week with open arms.

For me, there's always the bus that I don't mind taking... it's kind of nice not worrying about driving. But it is a whopping, $2.50 !

Well I had a blessed weekend and look forward to a more productive week ahead. Till then, stay positive.


As I scrolled through my blog last weekend (trying to find pictures of Kai for a collection of photos for a flipagram I was making) I came upon an entry that I wrote back in 2010 talking about things I hoped to accomplish one day. In that list I wrote that I wanted to go back to school one day to further my education in becoming a Graphic Artist. And the other that caught my eye, was taking swimming lessons. I smiled, because, both of which I am doing and have done.

It's good to know that I'm doing actually setting these goals into action. Heading back to school as a 36 year old mom of 3, has not been the easiest task. I mean, here I am at 1:30 in the morning trying to write an 2-3 page example/illustrative essay on Social Network. Ironic, I am on one of my many avenues of social networking. Just so you know, my thesis was how social media has confined human interaction into a virtual world and basically how we've become less in touch on a personable level. (All I can think of when I'm writing in this blog post is all the incorrect grammar my English teacher would find). More on that essay once I actually finish it. But the first essay I wrote, was about my first Half-Marathon and I got a 96%... not bad.. not bad at all (pat on back).

So far, the Communication Arts Program has been very interesting and fun. Now that I am older, I appreciate learning and school in general. I'm finally learning the programs, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator and there is so MUCH information, overwhelming but so exciting. I still have my one more English and one more Math to conquer and so far, they are both kicking me in the rear. Math and I have had a history of not working out so well. We don't seem to get along, I like writing, Math likes numbers. I could care less about irrational numbers or finding the root of a negative irrational number. Oh, and Mr. Math.. Imaginary Numbers? Why oh why? I'll never understand it, nor want to understand it. (And that negative attitude has shown on my last exam).

As far as this poor neglected blog, in my defense, I have been writing everyday.. it's just handwritten in a journal. (It's a part of our English Class, we spend 15 minutes a day writing in our journals, all of which I hoped to get typed into my blog one day.) But this week was one of those weeks where the phrase "When it rain, it pours.." come to play.

I'm just looking forward to a blessed new day, and taking things one day at a time.