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September 2014

Thirty Seven | September 2


Celebrating life on this day.
Finding joy in the simplicities of everyday.
Grateful for the people that continue to put a smile on my face.
Taking chances, growing, evolving, & overcoming.
Living life to the fullest.
Most importantly, staying true to myself.

37 Random Things That Fills My Heart With Joy.

1. My husband's laugh.

2. Poetry.

3. The way my dogs wag their tail when I get home.

4. Watching Caelan dance.

5. Getting a photo text response from Ethan.

6. Izzy's drawings.

7. BBQ's on Sundays with the family.

8. The idea of a "Pinky-Swear".

9. Writing (Journaling).

10. When Pandora introduces me to a new song.

11. Washing dishes.

12. When Rudy reaches for my hand.

13. The Hashtag #GraphicArtistInTheMaking

14. Watching the sunrise/sunset.

15. Sushi.

16. Lifting heavier and getting a new PR.

17. When people say "What? You have a kid in college?"

18. Or when people say "You look 21!"

19. Wearing flip-flops.

20. Netflix.

21. Kailua Beach with the family & dogs.

22. Seeing Caelan and his girlfriend, Janiene together.

23. Nights out with my sister Wynette & brother in law, Erick.

24. New gym gear.

25. Saying "Mee-May-Moo".

26. The process of creating and being creative.

27. Being with my brother and his wife, Maggie.

28. Group texts that go off topic into something stupid and hilarious!

29. Singing along to Beyonce, on a good makeup/hair day with my outfit on point-- always makes me feel "flawless".

30. My tattoos and planning new ones.

31. Talking to random elderly people that share their life stories.

32. My nieces, being Audrey's personal jungle gym!

33. Challenging myself physically.

34. CC Creams, Concealers, & Eye Primers.

35. A tan.

36. Making a wish in a wishing well and still believing in the magic of it all.

37. My life -- right now. I wouldn't want to have it any other way.

Happy September 2nd!

Week One, done.



So far... a little hectic with the change in schedule, but good.

The classes are not as demanding, as say... Math and English was. But it is pushing my creativity further than I'm comfortable with. My Color Theory class has already got us drawing and exploring the grey scale. I am excited to stretch my creativity to its limit and just absorbing all this wealth of information.

In this assignment we are working with the various grey scales. I've never thought of myself as an artist that could "draw", stick people maybe, but not grabbing a pencil or charcoal and just sketching. But in our first assignment she had as cut out a segment of the black and white photo and recreating them.

Photo 5

I admit I had a hard time putting this together. But our teacher kept saying not to "look" at this photo as person, a tree, etc. but as various greys. She advised us to turn around the photo so you can't make out the face but rather the blacks or whites. So for someone who loathes to draw, this is not to shabby.

 My other class is a Marketing & Advertising Class. Now this I can't wait to dive into. I've always enjoyed this aspect of the Communication Arts program.

The other class I have already dived in and read a few chapters is my Food Science and Nutrition Class. This couldn't have come at a better time. I have been trying to do my own research on counting macro-nutrients and the types of food that are right for my personal accomplishments.

Here's to Week TWO!