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June 2015

Never Goodbye...

I've learned over the years that I do not say "Good-Bye" I simply say, "See You Later..."


As we turn over a new chapter in this book we call, "Life" a new adventure awaits and it happens to be in our soon to be (in a few days) new home of San Antonio, Texas.  



Cuddled in the corner of our empty house, we could not help but to cry, laugh, and reminisce of our time well spent here being back in our hometown of Hawaii. I look back and smile because although we all wish we had more time, I know that I have the most of my days being back in my old stomping grounds. 

We flew back under heart-breaking circumstances following the passing of my mother and grandfather. But I knew I needed this time to heal, to make peace with my restless soul, and to be near family. My first year here did just that, I took the time to deal with my emotions and to come to grips that even in my darkest hours, life keeps moving forward and there is a light at every tunnel. With that light came a new, stronger, wiser, motivated, risk-taker, who literally took "her" fears and dug them straight to the ground. My second year in Hawaii, I "challenged" myself to do all the things I said I could "never" do. I took the words "One Life to Live" literally and made every day count. My third year in Hawaii was about "growing" expanding my mind, my body, and spirit. I decided to head back to school after nearly 20 years of not setting foot in a classroom. That was one of the best decisions I have made. I rekindled with my passion for design and found a new source of inspiration, the world of Marketing and Advertising. This journey is "To Be Continued.." in Texas and despite life's hurdles, I keep forging on.