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We have dived into our new adventure with our hands up in the air...


One of the hardest things about The Military Life.. is we (families) rarely have control or a "say" in where this life will take us. Which makes it difficult to plan, to commit, or to get too comfortable. The one thing I've learned after nearly 20 years as an military wife is that, we take this life of uncertainty and we simply ROLL with it. We dive in (with our blinders on) and make the most of any situation we are faced with.

You know, whenever we run into people and they realize that my husband is in the military, they always say "Thank You for Your Service" and I agree, I am SO THANKFUL for his sacrifice. But sometimes I wish they would turn to the wives (standing proudly next to them) and say "Thank You for your resilience, your tenacity, your dedication... (that list could go on and on). Cause let's face it, we (wives) can take a molehill and turn that sucker into a mountain (in 2.5 seconds). We always find ways to make any place feel like home for our children, for our spouses, and then for us. 

It's been 3 weeks since we've dived on to unknown territory, unfamiliar grounds, and endless amounts of open land.. and all I can say is "Texas, you are HUGE!" To think I used to hesitate when driving to the other side of the island back in Hawaii. Now I'm freaked out to just get on the 1604 loop. 

This is the 1604:


It's a little loop that circles part of San Antonio. 

Now this is the 1604 compared to Oahu:

Yeah.. yeah.. It's HUGE. The inner loop is the 410 and it connects to all those FUN triple decker freeways and what not.. Not fun, especially at 75mph! 

Needless to say, I've been sticking to a 5 mile radius. 

So far we are nestled in a hotel (and I say nestled in the most sarcastic way possible) because i ain't about that #HotelLife and playing the waiting game.