Back & Forth...
A Reason.

T'was That Time of Year Again...

... For December Daily.

December 12
It's 11:10 pm, we are all upstairs.. doing our own thing (just the way I like it). Izzy and I are getting crafty, I started (it's about time) my December Daily album for 2015 and Izzy's finally painting the Christmas crafts we got last week. 

Craft Time.

I realize, I need it. It's as simple as saying, it's really a part of me, much like people need a vacation after months of working so hard, I need to craft (freely) aside from the school work to be at peace with myself. As I sit here gathering my photos for December (not a lot) I'm thinking how much I haven't been recording my family as much as I used to. Sure I can use the lame excuse of having no time.. but I carry a phone that takes photos, so there is literally no excuse. I used to record and capture our lives pretty good, with lots of photos and stories, and I really miss that. I will try harder, I need to try harder, now more than ever to capture our lives. I love looking back and reading about our experiences and moments that I have forgotten. It means so much to me, I need to reassess, to step back and  make some changes. 


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