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February 2016

Finding My Inner Basquiat...

I always seem to end my Saturdays this way:


Nothing like a margarita to make it all better. 

I begin my week with an early morning Monday class called "Mandatory Drawing 1".  I say mandatory because I just have not been blessed with the innate ability to draw. I know I haven't given this class a shot and I should keep an open mind, but like the kids say "I'm not feeling it." But I will try to keep an open mind and a positive outlook all the while trying to find my inner Basquiat (if it exists). 

But it's kind of tough when you walk in and you see this:


And as a first timer charcoal-user , this is the best I could come up with... 

Earlier this week, I texted my son a photo of the set up and my compilation errr excuse me, my interpretation of the stimulus. He asked us to draw this without looking at it, rather using our eyes as the hands that holds the charcoal. So.. I call this masterpiece, "Scribble over Scribble, Over More Scribble.."

But my son's reply was the best!


I'm telling you.. I love my kids especially this one, he's got his mama's humor and wit. Glad to see I've done my job as a mother! 


I'll keep pressing on with a smile and laughing at myself the entire time.. but always taking everything I do as a learning experience. I admit, getting dirty with the charcoal has been somewhat liberating. I think my inner artist ended when I was 6, maybe not having the opportunity to explore this side of myself and partly growing up too fast, giving myself restrictions and seeing the world differently. I wish I still had that playful and carefree spirit of 6 Year Old Ronalyn. Who knows, maybe she will come out and play this semester.