Finding My Inner Basquiat...
But What If I Fail?

Hello There, Blog World

Two-Thousand Seventeen.
After all this time, I still love to write, to freely express my thoughts, and have it written and documented somehow where I can easily look back and say to myself, "I remember that!" Even thought it's been well over a year since I've actually clicked "post" on this old timer blog, I do find myself clicking through my own blog entries just to remind myself how far I've come. From time to time it's so important to take a step back, in the midst of all the ongoing changes happening in your life, just to remind yourself, how far you've come. 

Saturday Vibes.

Today, like most Saturdays lately, I have to remind myself to get out of the house and do something for me and with my family. Despite temperatures reaching up to 100 degrees, I rounded up Rudy & Izzy to check out the Botanical Gardens with me. It wasn't the greatest idea, being it was blazing hot, but nonetheless, I just wanted to be outdoors, even if it meant sweating my derriere off! It didn't' last long, but it was worth breathing in some fresh air. 

As I look over at my last post I see I was still in school, taking that dreaded art class where my professor was what the millennials would call "so extra." I survived with some drawings that I kept and one day will frame, cause shit it was pretty good. So many things has changed since then, instead of nitpicking every single moment, I will say, I finally got my degree and graduation was indeed a memorable one. One in which I do have to post about, because as simple as that milestone is to most people, for me, a 39 year old, mother of three, that piece of paper that claims I have a degree symbolizes all the sacrifices I have made to get it. 

This accurately describes me as of lately. I'm not sure where life is taking me at the moment, I'm simply rolling with the punches. I am letting life takes it course as I continue to push through and do my best in all I do. 

Writing/blogging has always been a part of what makes me.. me. With the rise of all the latest social media platform it is so easy to just enter little blurbs of my life, whether in photos (Instagram), reposts (Facebook), or less than 150 characters, (Twitter). Blogging still is the best way to express myself and worth looking back on. 



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