A Moment of Clarity.
Night Owl.

Night Owl.


I've always been a night owl, both my hubby and I, and that's exactly how we raised our children too. As a stay at home mom, I dismantled the idea of getting my kids to bed at a certain time and I pretty much threw routine out the window. Granted, that did have its repercussions, but none that really set us back as a functioning family during "normal business hours". So, naturally now that I'm finally working a full time 8:30-5:30 (more like 7am - 7pm, adding drive time) can sometimes be a bit... much. I tend to come alive around 10pm, a high-functioning, creative beast, who can belt her voice out to any tune that comes on iTunes. 

The weekends.. ode the joy, I can sleep till noon (still) and I love that everyone in this house can do so as well. Nothing irritates me more than an early riser who is all chirpy and ready to roll at 8am (party-pooper). Nope, not I (nor the rest of my household). I was especially spoiled when my hubby would work shift work, because he would stay up all night and work all day. We would literally binge-watch TV shows! (And you know I love me some Netflix). Speaking of which, I just finished another series "Ozarks". A very good show, especially if you enjoyed Breaking Bad and you're looking for some "Walter White" action. 

1:21 am 
iTunes is playing my quote, unquote My Favorite Mix. I love seeing what it comes up with from week to week, because I feel like saying "You don't know me!" but then a song comes on and I'm like "Oh you do know me!" I'm pretty sure tomorrow will seem like a long day starting at 9 am, but as always, I pull through and make the most of my days. 


When I came home today, it started to thunder.. and as I sat in the backyard, I looked up to see the way the light shine beneath this particular cloud. It caught my eye right away. The weather here always seems to amaze me. 



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