2017 December Daily | Day 03

Continuing.. Project Life 2017

4x6 Template

Continuing Project Life... as you can see I'm pretty far behind.. Considering I started this year with Week 23 (gasp). But hear me out, I am determined! I just bought more ink and more page protectors. I have to say, I'm loving this 6x8 album format. I just may keep that format for 2018. Maybe, I did enjoy a full 12x12. I do have a little more fun/play time on my hands without work being too over-bearing and plus it's my time to relax and do what I love. 

Izzy's a Freshman! Once in a while I will ask (more like beg) for photos from her camera roll just to have something to scrapbook (other than Tacos and our dogs, oh and the sky, I take a lot of sky photos). Every now and then I get a treat like this and I am thrilled that she shares them with me. Most of the time she "snaps" with her friends so none of her pics saves. This was Izzy's first Homecoming (week, game, and dance). I was super excited to (kind of) share it with her.

Looking at these, one (my age) must ask themselves, "How would've my high-school days been different with a phone (aka selfies) and social media be?" Back in 1991, jammin to the latest TLC song blasting through my bright orange Cross Colors pants or maybe with headphones. And always, always looking down because we are on our phones. Bleh, I'm glad we didn't. I'm glad that we had to have conversations in the cafeteria during lunch hours, or had to talk about our day on the walk home from school. I look at all this technology (and although I love it, I live for social media - sometimes) I'm just glad I had the priveleged to pick up a rotary phone and dial my best friends number and push back the number 9 because it took to long. "0-4-9-2"  Her last four digits were that, it just popped in my head, that 9 tho! Kids these days, don't know how much they really missed out on actually having conversations and not these text messages that you can message back when you feel like it. I could go on and on about the differences in our teen years, in fact I will for a journal entry with this photo! But for now, it's time for some shut eye.

As you can see, I'm back to this blog. I just could not part with it, I've been blogging on this 2006! And although some of its features aren't as cool or up to date as word-press, gah, I don't care, sometimes going "old-school" is the way to go. 


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