2017 December Daily (In Progress)
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2017 December Daily | Day 03

Day 3 | Holoholo Often.

When I was a little girl, I would come home from school and I would see my father leaving the apartment and when I asked him, "Dey" (I never called him Dad or Daddy, it was always, Dey. My mom always called him that, but I think it was a combination of Dad and Teddy, his nickname.) Anyway, back to the story. My father would always reply, "I go Holoholo!" Holoholo is a term us locals from Hawaii used to describe to go out and enjoy the day, either for a walk, ride, or sail. In other words, to go out for pleasure. The more you holoholo , the easier it is for you to stay positive. I've realized when I compare the lifestyle and people here in San Antonio vs the locals in Hawaii. The people of Hawaii seem to be happier, more laid back, and generally more positive. In fact, Hawaii consistently ranks as one of the happiest states in the country. It literally stems from its unique mixture of culture, the authentic spirit of aloha, and our carp diem lifestyle.


So on my drive home today, I took a snap shot of the sun setting in the distance, and I remembered chasing the sunset in Ala Moana Blvd leaving us in awe of such beauty. Sure sunsets are not the same here and we at times we count the days till we can gather all our belongings and move back on the rock in the middle of the ocean. But for now, we need to embrace where I am, make the most of it, in other words, holoholo often and lasting happiness will follow. Today I stopped by Starbucks to grab one of my absolute favorite desserts of the season. But I didn't get a good pic, so that will be saved for another day in my December Daily. But I did manage to get a coffee sleeve (as I do every year) to put in my album. :)


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