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It's been a while since I've done one of these:

listening: Today's Hits (iTunes) "Perfect Duet" by Ed Sheeran & Beyonce; "End Game" TayTay "Him & I" by G Eazy & Halsey; "Mi Gente" by J Balvin & Willy William, "I Fall Apart" by Post Malone

eating: Tacos, Tacos, Tacos (Taco Palenque) and Whatta Burger *I really need to stop! 

watching: Netflix (The Crown, Magicians, and re-runs of Friends). 

 wearing: Rudy's Red/Black Flannel PJ's and Red Hoodie.

feeling: Glad to be home, relaxed sitting in front of the computer, blogging and scrapbooking my December Daily 2017. 

weather: 56 degrees in SA with a bit of a breeze. 

wanting: Besides Crunchy Tacos? More days off, although I've got the rest of the week off. I want to get a good routine going (but I think with the Izzy's Xmas Vacay and Caelan visiting, I doubt I'll find a good rhythm). Contemplating on getting my Bachelors Degree in Business Management. 

needingTO GET BACK TO THE GYM! Shit! I really need to get my ASS back in there!  

thinking: How I called Caelan tonight to ask if he needed to talk about anything (like suicide). I took his Instagram story too literal I guess. But that's the reality of it now, kids don't think twice about ending their life, I see it too much in the news. I just wanted him to know that I love him no matter what! I guess Finals Week is getting a bit much for him. 

enjoying: The minute I walk through the door and coming home to my loves. I immediately call out for my "Isabella Consuela" (inside joke) and jump on Rudy's lap for a "Glad To Be Home" kiss. Don't get me wrong, I do like my job and in all I do, I do my best.  But after 9 hours, it's nice to come home to what matters the most, my family + dogs. 

wonderingHow Kai and Pua will be upon meeting their new "doggy day care provider". This is the first time I've used the Rover App and found a gal to watch the dogs while we go are out and about during the day. I really hope Pua adapts well. I never have to worry about Kai because he is the most easy going dog I've ever met. 

Wedding Photography: Isis + Sam


Last week I had the honor of capturing some beautiful moments for a friend, Isis. I met Isis when the three of us here:

Worked at The Office Depot a few years ago:

Goodness, I miss working with these two lovelies! It was always a joy to go in and find that I would be working with one of them. I'm fortunate to have somewhat kept in touch with these gals and see them evolve and grow in life and witness their many milestones! (Just a few months ago I photographed Christiana's wedding as well.) 

 I am so overjoyed to be able to capture these moments for friends but also grateful that I can continue do what I love, which is to be behind the camera. Photography has always been my first love, even before design. I hope to one day continue this path/journey that I may be able to grow my photography business once more. (For now, I'm just not sure San Antonio is where I want to pursue this path). For now I will take the many opportunities that I have been given in between work to be a "part-time" photographer. 




With Little Snow.. comes a Little Tiny Snowman.

The entire San Antonio was in a frenzy tonight as large flurries of snow fell from the sky. I was quite excited to, but then it made me miss Alaska and real winters even more. Ever since we left our Winter Wonderland, the holidays have been quite the adjustment. Although the hubby and I grew up in Hawaii, where we've always had tropical as our backdrop of our holiday season, I do miss EVERYTHING about enjoying a white Christmas. 


Kai did love the shift in weather, however the other one chose to stay indoors and was not fond of the cold, let alone big flakes falling from the sky. This big guy grew up in snow and he has always loved it! I wish we could take him back to running through a big field covered with snow! I miss him doing "Krazy-Kai". 


What an excited and interesting day though! I've been loving the shift in temperature! But I can see by the forecast that we'll be back in the 70's in no time :)



06 | Baby It's Cold Outside.
I've been waiting for this weather ever since I saw it in the forecast last week! So waking up this morning to a crisp 42 degrees, my oh my, I was quite smitten. Quite reminiscent of a cold Winter's Spring's Summer's Day in Alaska! (Yeah that would be relatively warm for Alaskans for sure). But it was a nice change from the constant warm temperatures of 70 degrees (I mean who can stand so much sunshine and warmth! The nerve). But it is winter, and for once, even if just a few days, I'd still like to feel the cold wind chill against my cheeks while I bundled up in a warm fleece blanket. 

The weather was the topic at work, I could not stop talking about it as I sipped my large flask of hot green tea. (But that didn't stop us from getting tacos afterwards). 


Tonight we went with crunchy tacos (Hashtag) YASSS (Hashtag) TacosGiveMeLife (Hashtag) TacosErrday (Insert Taco Emoji, like 5 of them and worshiping hands)

Continuing.. Project Life 2017

4x6 Template

Continuing Project Life... as you can see I'm pretty far behind.. Considering I started this year with Week 23 (gasp). But hear me out, I am determined! I just bought more ink and more page protectors. I have to say, I'm loving this 6x8 album format. I just may keep that format for 2018. Maybe, I did enjoy a full 12x12. I do have a little more fun/play time on my hands without work being too over-bearing and plus it's my time to relax and do what I love. 

Izzy's a Freshman! Once in a while I will ask (more like beg) for photos from her camera roll just to have something to scrapbook (other than Tacos and our dogs, oh and the sky, I take a lot of sky photos). Every now and then I get a treat like this and I am thrilled that she shares them with me. Most of the time she "snaps" with her friends so none of her pics saves. This was Izzy's first Homecoming (week, game, and dance). I was super excited to (kind of) share it with her.

Looking at these, one (my age) must ask themselves, "How would've my high-school days been different with a phone (aka selfies) and social media be?" Back in 1991, jammin to the latest TLC song blasting through my bright orange Cross Colors pants or maybe with headphones. And always, always looking down because we are on our phones. Bleh, I'm glad we didn't. I'm glad that we had to have conversations in the cafeteria during lunch hours, or had to talk about our day on the walk home from school. I look at all this technology (and although I love it, I live for social media - sometimes) I'm just glad I had the priveleged to pick up a rotary phone and dial my best friends number and push back the number 9 because it took to long. "0-4-9-2"  Her last four digits were that, it just popped in my head, that 9 tho! Kids these days, don't know how much they really missed out on actually having conversations and not these text messages that you can message back when you feel like it. I could go on and on about the differences in our teen years, in fact I will for a journal entry with this photo! But for now, it's time for some shut eye.

As you can see, I'm back to this blog. I just could not part with it, I've been blogging on this 2006! And although some of its features aren't as cool or up to date as word-press, gah, I don't care, sometimes going "old-school" is the way to go. 

2017 December Daily | Day 03

Day 3 | Holoholo Often.

When I was a little girl, I would come home from school and I would see my father leaving the apartment and when I asked him, "Dey" (I never called him Dad or Daddy, it was always, Dey. My mom always called him that, but I think it was a combination of Dad and Teddy, his nickname.) Anyway, back to the story. My father would always reply, "I go Holoholo!" Holoholo is a term us locals from Hawaii used to describe to go out and enjoy the day, either for a walk, ride, or sail. In other words, to go out for pleasure. The more you holoholo , the easier it is for you to stay positive. I've realized when I compare the lifestyle and people here in San Antonio vs the locals in Hawaii. The people of Hawaii seem to be happier, more laid back, and generally more positive. In fact, Hawaii consistently ranks as one of the happiest states in the country. It literally stems from its unique mixture of culture, the authentic spirit of aloha, and our carp diem lifestyle.


So on my drive home today, I took a snap shot of the sun setting in the distance, and I remembered chasing the sunset in Ala Moana Blvd leaving us in awe of such beauty. Sure sunsets are not the same here and we at times we count the days till we can gather all our belongings and move back on the rock in the middle of the ocean. But for now, we need to embrace where I am, make the most of it, in other words, holoholo often and lasting happiness will follow. Today I stopped by Starbucks to grab one of my absolute favorite desserts of the season. But I didn't get a good pic, so that will be saved for another day in my December Daily. But I did manage to get a coffee sleeve (as I do every year) to put in my album. :)

2017 December Daily (In Progress)

The last time I did this project was back in 2012! It's been a tradition since the kids were little (when Santa used to crawl to our chimney, or rather enter from the back door to drop off their presents). But things started getting busier for all of us (well mainly me, I let work and school take over) and I've been itching to get crafty ever since. One of my favorites was this:

December Daily 2010

Way back when we made an effort to do a family photoshoot and I actually sewed on my pages! Not only that, but check out the dimension in this layout with that button! This layout 6x12 was so much fun to work with! I loved the challenge of not doing the traditional 12x12, 8x8, or 6x6! But I do have to say, I do enjoy the concept of what the Project Life has introduced to us avid scrapbookers! Since the introduction to the simplicity of scrapbooking that way, it has reshaped the entire scrapbooking community. I'm quite excited that I've been attempting to keep up with this first love of mine. I'm starting to find that balance between what's important and what feeds my soul.