Wedding Photography: Isis + Sam


Last week I had the honor of capturing some beautiful moments for a friend, Isis. I met Isis when the three of us here:

Worked at The Office Depot a few years ago:

Goodness, I miss working with these two lovelies! It was always a joy to go in and find that I would be working with one of them. I'm fortunate to have somewhat kept in touch with these gals and see them evolve and grow in life and witness their many milestones! (Just a few months ago I photographed Christiana's wedding as well.) 

 I am so overjoyed to be able to capture these moments for friends but also grateful that I can continue do what I love, which is to be behind the camera. Photography has always been my first love, even before design. I hope to one day continue this path/journey that I may be able to grow my photography business once more. (For now, I'm just not sure San Antonio is where I want to pursue this path). For now I will take the many opportunities that I have been given in between work to be a "part-time" photographer. 



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