Reflecting On 2017
On Repeat...

OLW (One Little Word)

After jotting down a few words that came to mind: 
Onward. (moving forward, progress, accelerate) all with the intention of not looking back. 
Pursue. This came to mind thinking about acting out on opportunities, ideas, and seeking to change.
Thrive. To bloom, flourish, and prosper. To develop or to aim higher from what I already have or a situation I am currently in. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 1.33.25 AM

But then I saw the word "nourish" and it just clicked. At the end of the year, I realized I needed to do things for me, things that made my soul happy. I began to look back in my life when I felt "at ease" or "content" and every single time I felt my soul feeling "fed" was when I incorporated my creative being in my daily routine. Whether it was writing, scrapbooking, photography, painting, or designing. I always made the time to "foster" that aspect of my life and in doing so, I felt a sense of balance. "Maintaining" and challenging myself physically through exercise, eating healthier foods, and "sustaining" the balance of good food and junk food made me feel whole. 

It took me a while to realize what really matters and I'm not talking about the obvious of the love my husband or the comfort of my family, that is a given and top priority. But its when I recognized the other "Sources Of My Energy" and listened to my feelings or my inner voice, that's when I found my clarity through the noises that surround me. Through this certainty, I seek my balance, and by listening to myself, and nourishing myself, thats when things fall into place and peace will surround me.

Cheers to a new year! It is 12:20 am on a late Saturday (or early Sunday morning) and I'm finishing up my December album and eager to start my 2018 Project Life. 


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