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March, WTF?

Seriously though, March?

Life comes in waves of ebbs and flows. Somedays I find myself hanging on to the down, dark, the negativity, or the I like to call "The Why Me Moments". I can talk about them for hours or casually bring them up as if I'm still in the moment. Seldomly,  I bask in the light. I don't normally find myself saying "Yes, today was a good day!" I can usually hear myself.. complaining all that I didn't get to do, want to do but not there yet, or just flat out whine. But lately I've been finding myself say, "Today was good" or dancing in my car to the end of a good day. Right now, life is flat out... good. With that I say:


At work, I am constantly challenging myself to "master my craft". Design is an ongoing thing, it constantly evolves and changes so you never hear a designer say "Oh yeah, I know it all.." As a creative, my brain is always turning, even on my lunch or potty breaks. I'm constantly sketching out ideas as they come because at any given moment, it will hit you like an epiphany. I've learned so much as the years passed, in school, in previous marketing agencies and I can tell you one of the most important things to takeaway is "It's in the details." The slightest space between two letters or moving things one pixel to the right or left, makes all the difference. When you pay that much attention to your craft, you've already honed in on a good habit. Slowly but surely, my practice and attention to detail is paying off, I am producing work that I'm proud of and getting noticed for that to. 

So peeps, Believe in Your Dopeness! 



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