Dear Mom...
Selfies, State of Mind and Body Diversity.

Just Effin' Do It.

 It's the The "I Just ran 13.1 Miles" to the "Gym-Rat" to "Desk-Life".

There's gotta be way to find balance and have it all, right?

 I've been trying to convince myself for the past say... weeks months year to hop on that "workout wagon" and none of this on-off bullshit! But with zero effort, I've lost count of my short comings and I'm sure the gym is loving my monthly donation. I've over used the excuse of "right now, things are just so crazy.." Then when I started a new job, I kept telling myself that "once I get used to this new schedule and develop some sort of routine, then I'll start.." Well, I started my new job in January (hmph). If I don't have a routine by now, I never will. 

So as I scrolled through IG, feeling both inspired + envious at all the work-out gurus I still follow (and hungry cause you know I follow a lot of food enthusiasts, that's not the point). I came across a gal who I literally fell in LOVE with. Like honestly, if I saw in her a crowd I'd probably follow her like a puppy dog, wanting to just be around her aura. Her approach towards fitness and her zest for life is really inspiring. One of the most "real" fitness bloggers I've come across and she made me do a double take on myself and feel okay and validated at where I am in my life right now. Honestly, it's like that bestie you have where she tells it like it is, like "Okay girl, you are getting a little chunky-chunk and I see why you're no longer wearing those cute jeans cause that muffin top ain't no joke!" LOL! But she made me feel "Okay" with all of it and most of all she inspired me to get my azz up and just start.. just effin do it! 

She has started a #30DayWellness Challenge that you can sign up for by checking out her IG @gofitjo or check out her website HERE

My goal  in this challenge is find harmony + balance in this new chapter in my life. I no longer have the luxury of being a stay at home mom where I can drop the kids off to school and head to the gym or go on my 10 mile runs. I want to find my way back to eating more plant-based meals, enjoying home cooked meals and inspiring my family and those around me to be the best version of ourselves and to live life to the fullest. Regardless, this is a jumpstart to an fire in me that has been left unattended for a too long. 



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