Just Effin' Do It.

Selfies, State of Mind and Body Diversity.

Turn that phone and on and take that selfie girl, cause you are gorgeous! 

Today, I held my head up high, rocked my blue/green dress that showed enough legs, looking extra sexy with my heels on (and that glitter lotion helped too)... oh and don't even get me started on how good my hair looked today! I walked like "Dura" by Daddy Yankee was on repeat (in my head) shaking what my mama gave me. On this Monday, I felt all together. I felt like a strong, powerful woman who simply had my shit together.

What's the difference between this Monday and any other day? Simple, my state of mind. I didn't miraculously loose 10 pounds or visit the salon, in fact, I was the same person (physically) that I was last month before I set out to challenge myself in this 30 Day Challenge. What this challenge has taught me or what it has led me to see is that:

  • A woman's relationship with her body is the most important she'll ever have.
    This isn't selfish, it's a fact. Our bodies are literally the vehicle for being - for giving, for loving, for moving, for feeling. If it doesn't work, nothing else in our life will. Learning to love our bodies and to possess a positive self image gives way for us to love others.
  • You should carve your own niche. 
    Find joy in your own reflection, instead of obsessing about a body that society thinks you should have, discover how you can feel better living in the one you have. 
  • Break down the self-destructive cycle of unrealistic expectations. 
    Instead of hating your body, make peace with it. Choose to love and honor your body. 

In these few weeks I've learned to rediscover how marvelous it is to simply move, dance, run, walk, play, and embrace all of me. I went out and even bought larger (cute) clothing because I want to feel comfortable in my skin and stop to obsessing how I can't fit into this or that. Since I've learned to embrace the idea of body diversity, I've reconnected with who I am both in and out and in turn, I find myself wanting to go out and go for a run, make healthier choices, breathe out stress and negativity and breathe in oxygen and positive energy. 

So.. embrace your inner badass, love and honor your body and carve your own niche! 


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