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It's been a while since I've done one of these:

listening: Today's Hits (iTunes) "Perfect Duet" by Ed Sheeran & Beyonce; "End Game" TayTay "Him & I" by G Eazy & Halsey; "Mi Gente" by J Balvin & Willy William, "I Fall Apart" by Post Malone

eating: Tacos, Tacos, Tacos (Taco Palenque) and Whatta Burger *I really need to stop! 

watching: Netflix (The Crown, Magicians, and re-runs of Friends). 

 wearing: Rudy's Red/Black Flannel PJ's and Red Hoodie.

feeling: Glad to be home, relaxed sitting in front of the computer, blogging and scrapbooking my December Daily 2017. 

weather: 56 degrees in SA with a bit of a breeze. 

wanting: Besides Crunchy Tacos? More days off, although I've got the rest of the week off. I want to get a good routine going (but I think with the Izzy's Xmas Vacay and Caelan visiting, I doubt I'll find a good rhythm). Contemplating on getting my Bachelors Degree in Business Management. 

needingTO GET BACK TO THE GYM! Shit! I really need to get my ASS back in there!  

thinking: How I called Caelan tonight to ask if he needed to talk about anything (like suicide). I took his Instagram story too literal I guess. But that's the reality of it now, kids don't think twice about ending their life, I see it too much in the news. I just wanted him to know that I love him no matter what! I guess Finals Week is getting a bit much for him. 

enjoying: The minute I walk through the door and coming home to my loves. I immediately call out for my "Isabella Consuela" (inside joke) and jump on Rudy's lap for a "Glad To Be Home" kiss. Don't get me wrong, I do like my job and in all I do, I do my best.  But after 9 hours, it's nice to come home to what matters the most, my family + dogs. 

wonderingHow Kai and Pua will be upon meeting their new "doggy day care provider". This is the first time I've used the Rover App and found a gal to watch the dogs while we go are out and about during the day. I really hope Pua adapts well. I never have to worry about Kai because he is the most easy going dog I've ever met. 

So long, longer hair..

Farewell to the idea that I would have long flowy hair like a Kardashian. 
So long pony tail holders I just bought yesterday. 
Welcome back, short hair... It's been too long.. (get it)




(Right before I decided, without hesitation, that I would chop it all off)


I actually wanted to go a lot shorter and not even have the long bangs... but I thought it would be fun to play with some long bangs (for now). 
The picture I showed my hairdresser was this:

And I'm pretty happy about the result! 



So is hubby.. he loves short hair, he'd even like it shorter! 




Well Winter Break is officially over for the kids and I. Tomorrow (Monday) we all trek back to school. Well the kids do, this semester I only have classes Tues/Thurs & Wednesday nights (eeek). But I'm pretty excited to be home more throughout the week. Granted I'll probably be doing homework, but it's nice to not be out of the house every single day. I really need to spend more time being a "mom" too. Preparing dinners, being with my dogs, and keeping up with the chores. Most importantly, more gym time! 

As for Project Life 2014, I am on week 51 !!! I stopped scrapbooking for a while during the break to enjoy watching the Harry Potter series!!! 



Growing Into 2015.


It is officially 2015. 
One year, 365 days, gone, in what seems to be a blink of an eye. 
This blog has seen better days. In fact, at night when I can't sleep, I find myself scrolling through my own posts from years ago and I always think to myself, "Gosh, I really love to write..." Yet, I've spent many days sitting in front of my computer, completely blank. Or I find other things to do and tell myself, I'll do it "later". Well, later never comes. 

Lately, I've been inspired by a dear friend living in AK who writes beautifully and I'll randomly text her giving her a thumbs up for writing. Still, with distance and life getting in the way, we always retreat to one another's blog and find some sort of solitude and that "connection" and it's like sitting down having a cup of coffee with a great conversation all over again. 

So thank you my "Pork Cold Noodle" companion (probably the only other person reading my blog) for always inspiring me.


This inspired my One Little Word for 2015. 


"I just want to go on more ADVENTURES"

Yes! All kinds of adventures! Not just the kind that requires you to fly in order to get there, but anything daring and exciting, something that will take me out of my comfort zone and question my capabilities. The kind that makes your heart flutter with both excitement, anxiety, with a tinge of fear. Those kinds of adventures are the best kind. I look forward to them and I will embrace them as they come.

"Be around good ENERGY, CONNECT with people"

This is vital! Surround yourself with positivity, always. 



I have been so fortunate to have met so many amazing people in my life with whom I've had instant connections with. But moving around puts a damper on the ability to create long lasting friendships (that are not long distance). But I continue to put myself out there, always welcoming people with a smile. I have always had a deep desire to connect with people, to listen, to know more about them, to share stories, to be a part of their life as much as they are becoming a part of mine. Being back in school has opened doors to some amazing connections and some fabulous souls. Not only do we share the same desires of becoming great artists, we can laugh at the "graphic arts lingo" or critique one another's work all the while walking the same road. These connections are important because we constantly push one another and no one else understands the hurdles of the CA program than the very students in there with you. I'm welcoming each beautiful soul that crosses my path.. 

LEARN new things.
As much as we think we know everything.. we don't! Open up your mind and your heart to new things, new opportunities, new skills, new recipes, new workout regime...  Feed your mind, feed your spirit, feed your soul, feed your heart. Invest in yourself to further our knowledge, it truly is an investment in our future! You are never too old to learn. Life is meant to be lived, to explore, to learn and to share. Sharing your knowledge is one of the greatest gifts a person can give. And, as you teach, you will find yourself learning. 


That's my word for 2015.

This year it will be about


-- who I want to be in every facet of my life. 


As with every New Year, I welcome it with open arms. I'm excited to see what's ahead. There are a lot of uncertainties, but I know I will get through them with the love and support of my husband and my family. 


Meet Pua.


I've been wanting another dog for a while. I've toyed with the idea, gone back and forth. Somedays I was all for it and somedays I was quite content with just the one I have. Then there was the question of "what kind" of dog should we get? We had so much luck with Kai being a labrador retriever, I thought, another lab would be perfect. But the breeders here ask for an arm and leg for one. So I've been visiting the humane society a few times over the course of several months. Some days we took a few of the dogs on walks, but just "undecided."

Then I stumbled upon Paws of Hawaii, a rescue organization specializing in adoptions. From there I followed their Facebook page and routinely checked the dogs they had on there. One day we came across puppies that were abandoned and when they were ready for adoption we went to meet them. There were so many families that day hovering over these puppies. Unfortunately only 3 of them survived. My daughter had every inclination we were coming home with a cute little puppy, but in the corner of our eye, stood Pua with a baby blue T-shirt on that said "Adopt Me". She walked in circles with her foster mom in circles, a bit anxious or scared. We walked towards her to say hello and she immediately "looked" into our eyes. I'm not exaggerating for the sake of writing a story... Pua is the first dog I've seen that will look at you directly in your eyes and just stare into your soul almost. My husband pet her and she instantly sat down and cuddled with him. From that moment, I knew.. we were not coming home with a puppy.

As my hubby asked if he could walk her around, I talked with the Foster mom about her story and more information about her. Pua was born on the Big Island and was rescued with her brother. She and her brother were really close and they tried desperately to have them "both" adopted so they could stay together, but the guy that took her brother already had another dog and could not take Pua. Her foster mom has had her for only 4 months, before that she lived with the owner of Paws of Hawaii.

As I began to fill out the paper work to begin the adoption process, there was another family inquiring about her. A young couple who just thought she was the sweetest thing they've ever seen. Shortly after that, a family came in looking for an older dog with a heart breaking story of just losing their dog abruptly. Then I told myself, if I don't take her, she will go home with one of these families. I had to make a decision in those few short minutes. As I looked at my husband who was drowning with kisses by her, I could see he fell in love to. Izzy wasn't that keen of the idea at first, she was stuck on the notion of having a little puppy to carry around.

An hour later, she was in the car with us propped up next to her brother, Kai... on our way to her new home.




This is the first time she has met Ethan, she just gazed into his eyes.

She preferred to sleep on my lap or being really close to someone.


Her first week with us was a transition and much like bringing another "child" in your life, it requires a lot of work and sticking to your routine while teaching her trust us and let her know she will be loved in our home. Although she quickly attached to our family she was still learning her ways around our house. I was used to Kai's behavior and his personality, it took a few days to remind myself she is a totally different dog with a different personality. For example, she's a sight-hound, a mix of whippet and Doberman driven by her natural instincts to "go after" little creatures (like birds or cats) she does not have that same self restraint nor the training to "leave it". So while walking she would "lunge" at other dogs or birds. Glad to say, today she has learned to master those urges with simple "leave it" command. And I'm not sure if it's because she is a female dog (must google this) she has a tendency to "bark" at the sound of other dogs passing as if she wants to protect this house or us. Kai never seem to be bothered by any of that... so again this was all new to me. But we're working on that. I remind myself that she is indeed a female dog and they seem more like "protectors" than the male.

So they are all minor issues, along with her appetite. She is not "food-driven" like Kai so I find it humorous how she does not scarf down her food like Kai, instead eating it slowly like a true lady.

Okay.. so I may have placed Kai's leg over her... but still they were cuddling.. :)



My heart and my lap is indeed full of love.

 I could not be more blessed to have rescued this little angel. She's the perfect addition to this family. Although my first experience with a dog was with a breeder, I highly recommend rescuing a pet. Just to know that you have the power and heart to save a life of these amazing creatures, is a blessing in itself. I can't even begin to explain how having a pet in your life, just enriches it even more. It teaches you a thing or two that you could not recieve anywhere.


Pua, in Hawaiian, means "flower" and she is just as delicate as a flower. She is a mix of Whippet and Doberman, but when I look at her, I see more Whippet. I've done my research on her breed and she's got similar characteristics. She was born to run for sure and boy can she run! When we are out on an open field, I can't help but to smile and wish she could run forever! And on the softer more feminine side, she's quite sensitive. The minute your tone of voice changes, she backs up and runs the other way. She lives to please you and for free belly rubs. But she's the sweetest girl ever... I am so glad we made that decision to rescue another pet. If I could save more animals, I would. I have the uttmost respect for organizations that do.


And Just Like That...

... The kid has graduated High School.



Time flies.. Yes it sure does. But I can confidently look at him and know that we raised a fine young man. Despite our hardships as young parents, our constant moving, and our growing family... My firstborn, Caelan, was always taught how to be a better version of himself, each and every day, how to challenge himself, discipline, courage, how to grow in this ever changing society, and most of all, how to love, to be empathetic towards everyone, and to make the most of each day God has given him.

We've had some rough patches up to this day (with our move to Hawaii during his Senior Year) but as the optimistic mother that I am, always foreseeing the best in any outcome. I tried to tell him he was gonna be fine, but he did not want to hear any of it.. Cause as you will learn, as your child gets older, you have to give them some room to figure it out for themselves.  Unfortunately, it took him a while to fully "enjoy" his Senior Year. But soon enough, he was blessed with some really amazing friends that took him in and made him feel welcomed. He said it best in one of his Instagram Posts:
Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 12.42.07 PM

 Graduation Day.BLOG COLLAGE




We will be celebrating this weekend!! We are all getting our "swerve" on! LOL! Is that even a word?

2012 December Daily | 03


Typical Monday... I spent it catching up on all the unattended chores that was ignored all weekend. I try to spend my Mondays at home so I can prepare for the week. I usually do that on Sundays, but our Sundays have become our family day with either my brother's family or his sister's family and of course, The Walking Dead. So Mondays seem to be my official "Catch Up" Day. I feel like I spend it tackling that never ending list, the laundry pile that never seems to get smaller, or the dinner menu that never goes as planned. It is the day where I cram everything in one day in hopes that the week goes as smoothly as planned, well that's the plan.

In other news, my daughter, I mean, The Artist... has won a scholarship to the Honolulu Museum of Art School!  She has been in an after school art program for several months and has really defined her skills and expanded her horizons as an artist! She'll come home talking about her latest "piece" ! Well Friday we got to see all the artwork she has created and I was in awe :) she continues to amaze me ! I am such a happy mama right now


It's been pretty cold on this side of the world.. In our 7+ years here, I don't remember it being this cold day in and day out.. The temps say something but with some wind it is a lot colder. I remember reading the temps one morning, it said -17 degrees but with windchill feels like -30 !!!

But that sun is out.. shining bright and as cold as it is.. I still try to venture out there with Kai. I just look like a ninja in a snowsuit out there :) Kai still loves being outside.. of course he would, he's a dog :) But the other day I lost one of his booties in the deep snow!!! NO!!! So I spent the better half of my day digging through where I thought he stood.. but it was to deep. So now he's one booty short :(




I love Tina's weekly current updates. These are great for memory keeping and to put in your Project Life as well :) I plan to do this weekly or even more.. just little tidbits of my day :)


time: 11:54 pm
location: home
weather: very, very, cold.. I think it barely made it above 0.
eating: just finished some chips & salsa
drinking: water
loving: netfilx, watching my the first season of Criminal Minds & enjoying scrapbooking again.. currently working on Project Life 2012 and 2010 :)
wondering: how my boys & hubby will do while I'm gone, it's the "mom" in me.
enjoying: the photos from our maternity shoot today, I really do love maternity sessions.
accomplishing: a whole lot of cooking :)