2012 December Daily | 09 - 12



I have been trying to get back on that "running-bandwagon" that seemed to make a run for the hills the minute I landed in paradise. I've had 101 excuses to not run this day or next week or after Thanksgiving.. The heat gets to me more than I should let it.. but that's been my lingering excuse. But it's "winter" here on the islands, it's sort of cooler.. well still in the 80's but getting out there at 8am will make for a cooler run.


Who knew that I'd be struggling at 3 miles... knowing that once upon a time I actually did 13.1

But I can't complain about this view during my runs:

Later that night, hubby got some tickets to see the early screening of The Hobbit (check out that line below)


But before that, we decided to have dinner at one of my faves, Nico's Restarunt near the Harbor. Hubby loves their Fish & Chips and I love their Fish Tacos along with this, possibly the best Li Hing Margarita I've had!




Since we were out all night on Monday, Izzy was dying for some mommy & Izzy time.
So I let her help cook with me in the kitchen, she absolutely loves it :)


The end result is stuffed peppers...


I also made sure I jumped on the running bandwagon again.. this time I went for 4+ miles. But for him, 4 seems to be the limit on this warmer day. My fault for leaving a little later.


I just had to take a shot of our shadow on this cool Tuesday night. So nice to have the tradewinds back.



On 12.12.12 it seems like every photographer I new was on a shoot.
I had a family with a little girl who celebrated her 2nd birthday.


Right now it's 10:44 pm.
I'm as exhausted as ever...
The kids are getting ready for Winter Break. In fact, the teens finish school at 10am!  I know, what's the point of going to school? And all the kids are home with me for the next 2 1/2 weeks. It will be a nice break from all the driving around, the scheduling and routines. It will be nice to just hang out at the pool or the beach.

It seems like I was the only one who didn't take that snap shot of 12.12.12 at 12:12 

2012 December Daily | 08


After nearly a decade of a "white" Christmas and freezing our "bums" off during Christmas.. I think I am ready for a "Blue Christmas".  It's not so much the weather.. but more so to be surrounded by family.

I feel like we've spent too many years away from being surrounded by family, 17 years to be exact.  I think it's about time we celebrated the holiday with family. Living like nomads (aka military lifestyle) for over a decade has left us all disconnected on what it's like to be around family this time of year. Sure there were a few years we flew down to the islands for a Blue Christmas, but it's not the same as calling our families neighbors, literally 5 minutes away kind of neighbors.

So as we the tree lights go up, decorations hung, and the Christmas station on Pandora blasting.  I am greatful for being surrounded by people we've been a part for far to long.

2012 December Daily | 07


Every Friday Isabel joins her friendship circle with her Girl Scout Troops to begin another meeting. At first I was a bit hesitant to let Isabel join this troop because most of them have been with the troop since they were 5, so I can't imagine what it feels like to join a group that was already tightly woven. But she amazes me by being so outgoing and willing to be a part of this new group and take on this Girl Scout Journey with them. So every Friday when we tag along to these meetings, I can't help but to smile at her for being so brave.

2012 December Daily | 06


When Izzy finishes her homework and the sun begins to set, we always go on our afternoon bike ride with Kai around the neighborhood. It seems like each ride is a new adventure, a new pathway.


Today this was our pathway, nicely shaded under all these huge trees.

And what did I tell you, my pup is a "stick" kind of dog.

I love our afternoon bike rides... and this little guy loves it too.

2012 December Daily | 05


It's been a bit cloudy lately, but only for part of the day, then that sun always manages to find it's way through those clouds. But for a brief moment when those clouds hovered over me, I enjoyed the not-so-shiny day... and it almost felt like a "winter day,"  almost.

Funny how I miss the "cold" the "overcast" and an actual "winter" during this time of year. But it's all I knew for a while so even though I grew up here, it's been a while since I've had a "blue" Christmas.

I love this photo, cleverly titled on my Instagram "He's More of A Stick Dog."

He doesn't get much excitiment from chasing tennis balls as much as other dogs. But wave a stick at him and he could fetch forever.

On the way home from meeting a childhood friend, I looked out the window and saw the sky was on fire!  This photo definelty needs the hashtag #dontblink   It stayed this beautiful hue of pink, red, and purple for a few minutes. But like most people who were to caught up in their day to day, missed it.


December Daily Album is coming together. I'm just waiting for some things I ordered online (Oh Mr. UPS guy, please hurry!)



Af first I wasn't to fond of a this 6x8 Album.. I've never worked with this size before. But so far, I have to say I'm having fun. Especially since I got these page protectors with various sizes.

Looking forward to somewhat of a relaxing weekend, catching up on Project Life and hopefully my papers will come in!!!

2012 December Daily | 04


Just another day in paradise.
It's always nice when you go for a walk and you stop to notice the little things.
I've been enjoying our morning and afternoon walks with Kai, although it's the same route this 4-legged love-bug always gives me a reason to "stop" whatever I'm doing and take a break. Which, even though at times irritates me, he's reminding me to get off the computer and enjoy life. Can't really get upset over that :)

I was surprised to see this ARTICLE  about Honolulu being one of the Top US Cities for quality of life. Well as we, "da" locals hashtag all our photos on Instagram, #luckywelivehawaii .

Despite the crazy traffic, look at that on coming traffic, I swear they are only moving 5 mph, can't complain too much about living in Hawaii. I find that people are more laid back, which has its good and not so good points.


While waiting for Caelan's dance class to finish, yes my Mr. Seventeen is quite the social bug. I'm just glad he is getting out there and making the most of his days.

(He's in the very back, take a look at the banners, these dance instructors have been on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew).IMG_3919

While waiting we ate at Jollibee, a Filipino Fast Food Restaurant. I can't help but to giggle every time we visit here because it's Filipino Dishes on the go fused with American Favorites, like French Fries and Chicken.


I didn't bring out the camera as much as I wanted to today, I'm still bummed about that. Maybe tomorrow.

2012 December Daily | 03


Typical Monday... I spent it catching up on all the unattended chores that was ignored all weekend. I try to spend my Mondays at home so I can prepare for the week. I usually do that on Sundays, but our Sundays have become our family day with either my brother's family or his sister's family and of course, The Walking Dead. So Mondays seem to be my official "Catch Up" Day. I feel like I spend it tackling that never ending list, the laundry pile that never seems to get smaller, or the dinner menu that never goes as planned. It is the day where I cram everything in one day in hopes that the week goes as smoothly as planned, well that's the plan.

In other news, my daughter, I mean, The Artist... has won a scholarship to the Honolulu Museum of Art School!  She has been in an after school art program for several months and has really defined her skills and expanded her horizons as an artist! She'll come home talking about her latest "piece" ! Well Friday we got to see all the artwork she has created and I was in awe :) she continues to amaze me ! I am such a happy mama right now

2012 December Daily 01 & 02 (not scrapped yet....)

Happy December!

Time, simply flies. I can't believe the end of the year is just around the corner. But it's one of my favorite times of the year, especially in the Scrapin' World.. I've done December Daily for the past 4 years and looking back (I took all my albums out and we all looked thru them with nothing but smiles) So even though Christmas this year is a little different, I'm sure we can make the most of it. 

I struggled at how I would document it this year.. Since I'm doing Project Life, I'm already documenting December.. So how do I separate the two?  Well, I love the way Ali Edwards has done it this year.. she must've read my mind! She is doing a smaller album, a 4x6 I think.. with one photo!  Now I can't promise ONE photo, but I will do LESS photos for my December Daily Album and keep the daily life to my Project Life.. It will be interesting how I incorporate the two without being repetitive.

But I think this angle will work.
I've decided to take that ONE PHOTO or LESS PHOTO angle... and highlight it as my December Daily photo... I've also, tried to use my SLR for December Daily and as usual, my iPhone for my Project Life. (I still can't believe my entire Project Life is seen through my iPhone, very cool).

December Daily | 01
My favorite photo from that day..


We spent the day relaxing.. Caelan had his SAT's that day, so we decided to wait for him by eating right around the corner of my mom's apartment, with one of the best pancakes in Kalihi.


Always, cuddling with my little 4-legged, love bug :) He completes me :)



December Daily | 02




I took more than ONE  photo for December 02, but I chose 3 out of 20 for that day :)

Spending Sundays with my brother and his wife and cooking was the highlight of my Sunday. My brother is a great cook, so I'm a little envious and I try to get in the kitchen (to make him proud).  Of course his pesto sauce will always taste better than mine.

And the lights... This is the first time in 8 years we've put up lights outside our home. As you will see, I LOVE lights! Okay, just this time of year in general, I could stare at the lights in downtown all night long. There will always be something magical about this time of year for me. What can I say, I'm a kid at heart... But hubby started to light up the outside and as I tossed the ball with Kai last night, I was distracted at how pretty it looks :)

 And.. I really need to scrap this:

WE so LOVE this show, The Walking Dead!!! If you passed by at that time, you could hear us yelling! Now we have to take a break till February... I may just have to read those comics to get me through the withdrawals !!  Just had to add our Sunday ritual in there :)

And how are you preparing for the Zombie Apocolypse ?

hello december.

I still can't believe it's December!


I blame the constant 80 degrees and sunshine for the lapse in time... I do really miss the cold + snow that is usually accompanied by such a joyous holiday. But I assure you, I won't let all this sunshine, blue skies, and my constant wearing of flip-flops ruin my Holiday Spirits :)  I kid... I love this time of year no matter where life takes us.

I'm just bummed that I waited so long to find all my materials for my December Daily album! I actually hesitated on doing it because I've been working feverishly on Project Life, that I wondered how was I gonna do my Project Life AND December Daily.. and how do you seperate the two, or even scrapbook so there is NO redundancy. I'm still trying to figure it out.  So if anyone out there that does both, please enlighten me on how to.  This is my first year doing the Project Life (and I absolutely LOVE it, will definetly do it again next year).

So this year I'm going with Simple Stories as the basis to my album.


(The album is sized for 6x8)

I first took notice of them at our local craft store (and we actually have a scrapbook store still here on the islands).  I just love that they took the idea of "Project Life" with the ease of seperated page protectors and used that as the basis of their papers. It makes scrapbooking so much easier when I'm not left with an empty 12x12 canvas.. I can shove already printed 4x6 photos and 3x4 journaling cards into the empty slots and "wa-lah" we have a page. I woud've loved to grab a piece of Studio Calico's Kits but as usual I'm too late... Better luck next year!

So right now.. it's 12:38 am.
I've got "Nikita" on Netflix (I found another show to get hooked on to)
My scrapbooks (both Project Life and December Daily) are spread out all across my dining table. A plate of half eaten cupcakes on my desk, next to my iPhone which has Instagram open. My kids are still awake (as always on the weekend). And I'm just getting ready to print some photos for my first entry to Decmeber Daily.

Feeling creative...
I found this idea from a friend who found it on Pinterest.. gotta love the web right :) Just a little crafting for Izzy and I... We punched hearts from different pattern papers and glued them onto a paper cone!  I bought 4 of these and we have 2 more to go :)


Another late night of crafting for me.. all in the hopes of finding that balance...


December Daily 2011, DONE.

I am finally done with my December Daily.. and unlike past projects, I didn't feel rushed or the need to "just finish it already", This year, I really enjoyed looking at the pics with my kids and laughing hysterically and just remembering "that" day. I loved how my hubby even took the initiative to take photos with his phone knowing I would use them for my album. Most important, I enjoyed our laid back Christmas Break spending most days at home. It was nice to take a break from trying to get from Point A to B in X amount of time. This little break is what we all needed.

I will eventually stop and take photos of the rest of the pages.. but for now, I will share my last page, Day 25... probably one of my favorite layouts.. Nothing but photos + words, a simple blurred out photo of no one looking, but I managed to get all three in the frame.. but again, proof that, life goes by faster than we think...


This is the only photo I got of all three of them in the frame.. I look at it and it brings such joy to my heart. I feel extremely blessed to have them all under my roof, safe, healthy, and most off all together. The boys are getting older and with every year, the “magic” of Christmas is not what it used to be. Isabel seems to keep the “spirit” alive  by always believing in the magic of the holidays. She does make this time of the year a little more exciting for me, upon seeing the excitement of Christmas morning. Although it saddens me that the boys are more excited about the fact that they don’t have school for two weeks. Witnessing such a change in their attitude towards what was once the most exciting day of their life (next to their birthdays) I realized, that time flies and your babies are not gonna "babies" for long.

I have not met many parents with the same age as our kids so I never know how to take on these holiday seasons with them.. until this past Christmas Eve, where I talked to a neighbor about her teenagers. And it felt so good to know that I wasn’t the only one who wrapped up cash for their kids and gave up trying to buy them things. They literally have more than most kids do, they have smart phones (better than mine), computers, an xbox each with their own accounts that allow them to play with others.. all of which cost..  monthly. Seriously, my boys are more fortunate they realize, so the best thing we could give them, was wrapped up in dollar bills. So, aside from the less gifts the boys had under the tree, I still enjoyed watching Izzy squeal with delight as Santa got mostly everything on her list!  Still as this 15 minute fiasco ended, with  nothing but gift wrapping papers on the floor, tired children who decided to go back to bed, It’s sad to think that my kids are growing up so quickly and soon I'll be sitting on my recliner celebrating a quiet Christmas with just my hubby and I. And all I'll get are Christmas cards from our kids. That’s why these  December Daily Albums are so important to me, they help me really enjoy these fleeting moments with them and most of all record them, so that I can look back and remember that day like it was yesterday.

However, Christmas 2011 proved to be a tough one for me. I spent many days/nights trying to keep myself together. With news of my mother’s fight with cancer becoming more than she can bear these last few weeks.. all I could think of was flying home just to see her. But that seemed next to impossible, with no MAC flights leaving for Hawaii and with a family of my own to care for, flying back home was not gonna happen for me this holiday. So in a way, my heart was not 100% in it this year, it was filled with worry and sadness for things I simply have no control over. And with it being the Holiday season, it made it that much harder.

On a positive note, this Holiday Season, has brought a great sense of gratitude, not just for life, but for the simple moments of everyday. With a more relaxed Holiday Season this year, I was able to really enjoy being with my family and just  being a mom. I really loved being able to be home with them, wake up late, play out in the snow making giant snowmen, watch movies on the sofa all night long, and putting together 1000+ piece puzzles. Weeks like this, where I am home with them, I feel so blessed to be able to stay home with them. I’m thankful for my husband who works so hard so I can continue to be there for our children. As I witness these brief moments in time, I know how precious time with my kids can be. Years from now, I want to know that I did all I could to be the best mother I could possibly be and right now, just being able to be home with them is the best way I know how, I would not trade it for the world.



I hope everyone had fun with their December Daily Album..
I have committed to another project that I think it's time I venture out to do.. The Big, Project Life... My kit should be here by Thursday. I'm more than ready...