So long, longer hair..

Farewell to the idea that I would have long flowy hair like a Kardashian. 
So long pony tail holders I just bought yesterday. 
Welcome back, short hair... It's been too long.. (get it)




(Right before I decided, without hesitation, that I would chop it all off)


I actually wanted to go a lot shorter and not even have the long bangs... but I thought it would be fun to play with some long bangs (for now). 
The picture I showed my hairdresser was this:

And I'm pretty happy about the result! 



So is hubby.. he loves short hair, he'd even like it shorter! 




Well Winter Break is officially over for the kids and I. Tomorrow (Monday) we all trek back to school. Well the kids do, this semester I only have classes Tues/Thurs & Wednesday nights (eeek). But I'm pretty excited to be home more throughout the week. Granted I'll probably be doing homework, but it's nice to not be out of the house every single day. I really need to spend more time being a "mom" too. Preparing dinners, being with my dogs, and keeping up with the chores. Most importantly, more gym time! 

As for Project Life 2014, I am on week 51 !!! I stopped scrapbooking for a while during the break to enjoy watching the Harry Potter series!!!