Wedding Photography: Isis + Sam


Last week I had the honor of capturing some beautiful moments for a friend, Isis. I met Isis when the three of us here:

Worked at The Office Depot a few years ago:

Goodness, I miss working with these two lovelies! It was always a joy to go in and find that I would be working with one of them. I'm fortunate to have somewhat kept in touch with these gals and see them evolve and grow in life and witness their many milestones! (Just a few months ago I photographed Christiana's wedding as well.) 

 I am so overjoyed to be able to capture these moments for friends but also grateful that I can continue do what I love, which is to be behind the camera. Photography has always been my first love, even before design. I hope to one day continue this path/journey that I may be able to grow my photography business once more. (For now, I'm just not sure San Antonio is where I want to pursue this path). For now I will take the many opportunities that I have been given in between work to be a "part-time" photographer. 


Hanging Out...

... with my girl, Ashley.
... with an actress from Hungary.
... with a talented hair & makeup crew.
... in a cool a$$ studio with some kick a$$ people.



I love meeting new people, working with different people, interacting with anyone who loves this industry. I'm realizing that Hawaii is like hub for up and coming actors from all around the country. Film crews have found a place in Hawaii making it a more prominent place to film. (My co-worker was on set all last week finishing Hunger Games). This place is booming and I am sitting in the thick of it. I haven't quite ventured out like my friend Ashley has in this industry, but I'm learning to "expand" my horizons. I love the family portraits and the lifestyle photography, but I can't help but to want to see all that this business has to offer. Working in a multimedia company, diversity is key and limiting yourself won't get you anywhere. There's so many venues to this industry, I can't wait to see all it has to offer.


Meanwhile, in between work & play.. Ashley threw her Polaroid 195 at me to play with.
I'm not gonna lie, this thing is foriegn to me, but she's adamant about me learning this "thinga-ma-jig". And oh man, it's a tough one!  But like all challenges, they push you to want to learn more.. and learning more I will!


So this is my first ever polaroid! Now mama, wants one too!!! :)


Good times... I was knocked back into reality when I had to rush over to the other side of town to pick up my kids though. All the meanwhile wishing I was still in the studio...

Polaroid Kinda' Weekend.


I let the girls play with the Instax 210 (thanks to Paula) they loved it and used an entire roll in a nick of time :) It will make for a great scrapbook page! Can't wait! I think it will be fun for Izzy to design the pages.

We are on our Winter Break and it's always a good time with the kids. I look forward to a break from the usual routine. Don't have anything big planned, just a lot of time with the neices and my family. I have yet to start on Isabel's Christmas list!

Shooting Awesomeness.

Shot some awesome people who just emanated sheer awesomeness today...

Yes, "awesome" seems to be my word today...


As we parked the car, walking to our next shoot. I looked over at my husband and said, I've never shot in flip flops before! I've never shot at this beach before! And I don't know who these people are! He looked over and said, "well, there's a first for everything..." Well, that's just "awesome" I said, with a hint of sarcasm.."


What is it about stepping outside of your comfort zone that makes me want to run the other way and steer clear of any sign of being uneasy? No matter how many times I've done this, it always feels like the first time. I guess in a way that's good.. The fact that I'm nervous but willing to overcome that shows signs of strength and perservance, all good traits in growing. The fact that I never feel like I know it all and can do it all, keeps me on the edge and willing to learn as I go. And that pretty much is the basis of this journey, you learn, you experience, you grow, you achieve, you believe, you strive, you live your passion, and most of all spending my days simply doing what I love..


They thought it would be funny to sport some turtle necks in 80 degrees...
(although the clouds began to set in, ugh.. all about timing here in Hawaii)



Most of these photos are straight out of the camera, RAW thrown into JPEG mode real quick so I could have some sneak peeks up for them tonight. Here in Hawaii I am in constant battle with the sun. Hence my favorite new app and worth all $8.99 of it, The Sun Seeker App.


This app can predict the sun’s position in the sky at various times today, tomorrow, or any day of the year. Correction: it doesn’t just predict, it shows you where the sun will be, using the iPhone’s camera as you point it at the sky... Only one word to describe this app.. AWESOME!

Some behind the scenes shots, thanks to my hubby who spared watching his football game to hang out with me, his crazed photographer wifey.(Thanks Love, you are never to far, I can always count on you).






Geared Up, Gear Talk.


Ergo the saying... "Less Is More" ... And while I do believe that to be true...  I've also found that if your job is in the technical field, the media world, and you are amongst the latest gadgets. Sometimes "More" may be the way to go. Not to mention, if you are shooting a wedding, you better be "equipped". 

Working amidst amazing talented photogrpahers, videographers, and film producers. I felt compelled to dive into the sea of the gadget world we live in today. I splurged on another camera body, in fear that I may need a "back-up" while on location one day and will regret not having that extra camera when needed.

Now that I'm shooting in an entirely different location and dealing with challenging issues, like the sun being one of them.. I've found that I depend on my flash for almost every shot. Which is unlike how I used to shoot, I avoided the flash and since I didn't know how to quite utilize the flash, I opted for all natural light. But when we are dealing with the harsh sun beating down behind my subjects, I depend on that filler flash a lot.

So I absolutely LOVE (caps lock on) my Canon 600ex-RT Flash! I admit.. there is so much to learn still... first of all the recycle time is so much faster than my 480ex. And one of the best features... (wait for it) Wireless Radio Multiple Flash System!!!  Yes, you heard me.. Wireless!  I used to use my pocket wizard mounted on top. But now I have the ability to have a flash in the front and one of the side and sync them to fire at the same time!!! *Can I get a hi-five!

But the icing on the cake is the : CBP-C1 Compact Battery Pack. So you can "shoot, shoot, shoot" with the flash!  *Sigh, I am so in love. It really is a life saver.


Mark III... ode to joy.  This baby has got it going on. What can I say that you haven't heard.. it really IS everything that people are talking about. Again, I have so much to learn. But, if you see me on a photoshoot, you may catch a glimpse of me hugging and loving on that camera. 




We had a wedding this weekend.. and I must say, I like being the "Mr." for once :) My amazing husband helped me out the entire night, 2nd and 3rd shooting the entire night. I even taught him a few things about manual mode. He came with me again to a birthday party the next day and he shot in manual. Nothing melts my heart more than seeing him "work the camera".

He is always catching me in action.




It was a exhausting day/weekend... but fun. 

Sumethin' Bout' The Sun..


... & blue skies that make it all okay. That make you some how, (if you don't stare at the 6 ft of snow that covers your lawn) makes you forget what a "snowy" winter we've had.  We are just 6 inches shy of making a record... and quite honestly, let's make that record, so all of this snow was done in vain.. ?  Not sure what that meant.. but by golly I wanna say, years down the road.. "Ahh remember the winter of 2011 when we were buried in snow?"


So lately, Kai & I have been soaking up that sun (in my Northface Jacket!).. nonetheless, it is bright. And to top it off, the sun has been hanging out longer.. so long are the days of watching that sun set at 3pm!  If it wasn't so "white" outside, I'd say I feel like Spring is around the corner.. (when I close my eyes).  So while it's still bright out at 6pm, there is almost a hop in my step around the kitchen feeling that our longer days are here!  (Then I shut the window, because it's damn cold) 


The other day hubby surprised me by having lunch with me (although my entire day was shifted a bit.. I had planned to watch Las Vegas while folding laundry, usually what I do around 11-12.. shhh) and we headed to our fave, Snow City

*right here, I'm a bit to intrigued by the new iPad, I never thought I would need one, let me rephrase that, want one.. but I'm starting to think I would like one :)



I devoured my Eggs Benedict (and counted my calories after)

Speaking of counting my calories.. yes I do count them with the app, Lose It. I love that app, you can scan your food in as well, as long as it has a bar code, so you don't have to search for it.  It makes me a lot more aware of my eating habits (weaknesses) and it pushes me to work out because the more calories you burn, the more I can eat :) I'm not necessarily   trying to lose weight, just manage it.  It's all about a healthy lifestyle :)


*I love this photo of him.. despite the nosy guy behind him.. :) LOL.. My hubby hates when I take photos of him, he's always makes funny faces but here I caught him as he was talking.

Sumethin' about this man.. that has got me thinking how lucky I am lately... I know he's super busy right now, he's in a class that takes up ALL his time but he always tries his best to make sure I'm happy. When he's in "study-mode" I try to steer clear and become more independent, but I do love his company.


And then there's this guy..
Love my little 4 legged baby.. There's something about him that seems to take all the troubles away. His carefree spirit, or just because everyday is a new beginning for him.. When I'm with him, I know everything will be alright.  Although my heart has been heavy.. thinking when we do move, Hawaii has a stupid quarantine law!  I know.. you all are tthinking, he's just a dog. Stop it right there.. cause he's not!  He's my baby!!! And I just can't bear the thought of a 120 day quarantine for him!! So I am working hard to get all his bloodwork and shot records up to date so that he will only be looking at a 5 day quarantine. Still, 5 days is still too much for me.


Well, here's to Spring Break, it officially starts today in 15 minutes when the first kid rolls in :)




2011 THANKFUL : 12




Day Twelve: I'm thankful for the oppurtunity to live out my dream as a lifestyle photographer.

It's been a good 6 years since I ventured on this journey.. and even to this day, every photo session feels like the first time. It has been an amazing voyage so far and even better since I've teamed up with one of my best friends, Paula, nearly 3 years ago to form R & P Photography. I think some roads are meant to be traveled with another..  Like that quote says.. "LIFE IS ABOUT THE PEOPLE YOU MEET, AND THE THINGS YOU CREATE WITH THEM.. SO GO OUT AND START CREATING.." And that is exactly what I'm doing today..up till our time together runs out. No joke, I will be shooting with this girl till all our bags are packed in the car and my family is waiting for me in it! 

When I started this journey I never, (I repeat...) never imagined it would be what it is now. There are days, it feels like a giant snowball rolling down a huge hill and I'm just trying to hang on.. What was once an idea, a thought, or something fun to do.. has become scheduling sessions, meeting new people, seeing old ones, endless nights of editing, answering emails, ISO's, apetures, flying to Vegas for conventions, and constantly learning something new everyday.. 

I think it's the constant growing, learning, and evolving that keeps me going. But the best part of the business are our clients.. nothing warms my heart more, than seeing our "newborns" celebrate their first birthday.. or a engaged couple, become married, then parents. It never gets old.. we love it! This "dream" is more fulliflling to my spirit and the simple love of the art rather than my wallet. 

It has.. and will always be, about the fleeting moments for Paula and I. It's about the stories behind the sessions, our time together as best friends and partners. It's about the constant learning new techniques, the endless desire to find the right lighting. It's about living our dream as photographers, which would not be made possible without the other.  Because 5 years from now (well technically 2 more years), when we are no longer in Alaska and I'm settling in a new place.. it will be these memories of our time together, of making our dreams come true that will make me stop and smile, knowing, we did that, we conquered our fears and lived out our dreams. We were not afraid to step out of our comfort zone and jump into this adventure. 

And.. that is exactly how our lives are meant to be lived... We should always do what we LOVE. Life is to short to not live out your dream! 

A Loungin' Kinda Day




Today was the day, my body screamed "Will you just lay down!" No more running at 100mph, I literally took it down a few notches and took a good nap. Although only a couple hours.. it was what I needed. Not to mention the weather, sucked. It was windy, drizzly, grey, cloudy, bleh, bleh...

And now it's 12:45am.. and here I am, finishing up the rest of the weeks work! Cheers to taking Saturday & Sunday off :)

Phew! + December 4

10 Families.
6 Hours.
15-20 Degrees.


We did it! We freakin did it! Paula and I braved the cold with only 30 minutes to sit in the car and warm up, We did our Christmas Session ... Outdoors!
We could not have asked for a more beautiful day!
Despite it only being in the teens, the winds calmed down, the snow stopped, and some sunshine headed our way.

You would've have never guessed we had a Blizzard Watch the day before. and it snowed quite a bit the night before as well. But Mother Nature, pulled through... once again.

We were greeted with tons of people enjoying the great outdoors at the park, snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing, dog walking, and running. We even said hello to a couple of horses! And that huge hot air balloon (behind us).. I could've sworn, it read: "R&P"   :)


Don't let our smiles fool you.. we were C-O-L-D!
We were equipped with hand warmers, toe warmers, and tons of layers!
Thanks to our families who came by with Hot Cocoa, some food, and more food.. we were well taken care of. (Still freezing our bums off though)

The best part...

We seriously have thee best clients.
They were ready for the cold, they made us laugh, feel all giddy inside, and each of them reminded us why we simply, love what we do.. (Otherwise, you would not see us out there!)

We connected with our all time favorite clients, caught up with the Swenors (I like to think of them as our "Power-House" Couple.. kinda like the Brad+Angie of the industry) .. they were there when we started it all, they told everyone about us.. And each time we meet a new family, they always mention The Swenors. We can't Thank them enough! *LOVE YOU GUYS!*

We also met a lot of new families *gush*
We love meeting new people, especially some that have tried other photographers in the past, and look to us to help them capture their families. It was our job to give them the best experience in family photography. And we did just that.. which was, to just be ourselves. They loved how we made the experience so relaxing, like hanging out as oppose to the "say cheese!" concept.

What a day! I think it took the rest of the weekend to defrost. I'm still sitting here, thinking I can't believe we just did that! And you can bet, we will defienlty do it next year!

December, 2010 011




And I'm not talking about me on ice, cause you all know I never got to Level 2 in my ice skating classes a few years back. I'm talking about the roads today and looks like tomorrow. So for all you non-scientifical people (is that word?) the ones that are basking in 70 degree weather or heck even the 50's .. When it snows, it's nice and fluffy :)  We are all happy making snowmen and snowball fights. Then it get's really cold.. like really cold (cause after all we are in Alaska) like 15 degrees, maybe even 8 degrees. All that fluffy snow gets rock hard. And snowballs would really hurt! Then.. all of a sudden, mother nature thinks it would be "fun" if she warmed us a bit, maybe she she feels more of a remorse for us Alaskans.. and she kicks up the heater to about 30's.  This would start melting that 'rock-hard-ice' and then to top it off, she thought why not add some "freezing rain".  So what we are left is a GIANT, Ice Palace, called the Streets! Too bad our automobiles are not equipped to maneuver  the Lutz, Flip, or Axel lifts.. cause then we could all raise our numbers (for example I would've gotten a 8.5 for the spin I did outside our neighborhood).

So needless to say.. it was a mess, a complete mess. The roads, the everything. I debated for the longest time to let the kids go to school.. but at the end, they did along with the other 5 students :) They ended up watching movies most of the day. Go figure, cheers to education! But everyone is safe. Hubby had the shortest workday. He went in at 11am, probably reached there at 12pm, came home by 3 pm, probably left work at 2pm. Meanwhile, mama bear, enjoyed the few hours of quiet to do a 'quickie' .. Quickbook that is!

But before I knew it, I left to head to our studio for our maternity shoot. Our client was pretty much due in a few weeks, so I'm sure rescheduling was not an option. Besides she was already at the mall getting some outfits, despite hazardous conditions. That's what I call dedication or really wanting pregnancy photos, better yet, wanting us to take her maternity shots. That alone, was enough motivation to get my granny butt out there to brave the roads.

The shoot was... AWESOME.
The drive was.. SCARY.

So here I am.. 11:45pm sitting in front of my computer, sharing my day... because I can, because the kids will be home tomorrow anyway.. and I don't have to wake up at 6 am (well technically I have to get up and feed the dogs..but I can lounge all day long!)

Oh yes, I did say dog(S)  plural.  I have my girlfriend's dog for a few weeks while they are off basking in something other than freezing rain. Kai has a playmate/girlfriend.. but I think she's a bit much for him.. He likes to lounge, she likes to fetch all day. He likes to cuddle, she likes to fetch. He likes to run in spurts, she likes to run ALL the time! I do have photos, Erica to prove that she's still alive. Uploading them is a different story.


I will end with some fun shots of the Behind The Scenes from this weekend's very COLD photoshoot:


FYI, I'm not scolding the little one.. I'm saying "I'm gonna tickle you.."


This kid made being on a sheet of ice fun.. I'm actually nervous behind the camera.. praying I don't fall on my behind. :)

Happy Tuesday to all.. and stay off the road Alaskans.. if you can't "granny drive it" Slow down!