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May 09, 2006



WOW Roro,
these LO's are great!!! How are u girl?


Great stuff girl! Love it!


fun layouts!!!!
I'm thinking I need to plug in my wacom and give it a spin....


hey I'm back up! Everything is running very slowing though, I can't even get blogger to post anything. I've got some errands to run today and then I'll be back on-line (i hope!). Four days straight w/o the internet! You can get a lot done though, lol. I am loving Cathy Z's book!

Got to run for now!

Sarah Bowen

Thanks, girl you are sooo sweet! I get so much inspiration from just seeing your stuff everyday, you're the best! later . . .


loving your stuff! just loving it. i was asked today to take a picture of a friend and her grandmother. having a slight trip moment, as she has asked what I charge. Is it wrong to slightly panic when you think someone will tell you you are charging too much? Have mercy.


nice layouts! lovely :)


Quote: Creativity is a drug I cannot live without. ~ Cecil B. Demille

I think that goes for you as well.


freestyle mama, you go girl, your layouts are the bomb,, keep on doing what you are doing, LOVE IT

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